Transportation & Traffic

The Problem

Staten Islanders have the longest work commute in the nation. We are the only borough in New York City without a subway; our mass transit options are: buses which travel along crowded roads; a single ferry traveling from the north shore of the Island to Manhattan and an elevated train that travels in a straight line from the southern tip of the island to the ferry. In addition, Staten Islanders can not leave the Island by car without paying a toll ranging from $5.50 to $19 depending on the bridge and the time of crossing; our roads are in severe disrepair due to the amount of daily traffic on the roads and the City’s lack of resources for Staten Island; Speed, bus lane and red light cameras are scattered across the island making Staten Islanders ample targets for additional revenue generated for the New York City.

The Solution

Since Staten Island is the only borough not served by a subway system, installing Smart light technology, at every intersection is warranted. Smart Light technology uses computerized systems to sense traffic in real time and changes the timing of the lights to keep traffic flowing along major thoroughfares while holding back traffic on feeder streets until the roadway is clear. The utilization of Smart Light technology reduces driver anxiety which reduces speeding and the running of red lights and traffic accidents while increasing pedestrian safety. 
Funding for Smart Light technology can be taken from a portion of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge tolls which are earmarked for mass transit improvements. Since Staten Island’s mass transit is majority surface bus, Smart Light installation falls within that scope of spending.
Other Transit initiatives:
  • Pedestrian walkway and bike-way over the Verrazano Narrows Bridge; 
  • Dedicated bus lane along Bay Street and Richmond Terrace going over the Goethals Bridge in each direction.
  • NYC Ferry service from the East and South Shore.