Property Tax Protest At Staten Island Department of Finance

Leticia Remauro – Candidate for Staten Island Borough President – Hosting Protest

Republican / Conservative candidate calling out years of failed leadership as cause of homeowner crisis

“This has been years in the making and now it’s happening. Staten Island is once again about to get slammed while Brownstone Brooklyn and wealthy Manhattan tenants with rent-stabilized leases laugh all the way to the bank.” – Leticia Remauro

When: Sunday, May 23rd at 1pm

Where: NYC Dept of Finance Staten Island Office – 350 St. Marks Place 

Contact: Jen at 718-612-5654

“City Hall’s addiction to spending is being enabled by federal dollars, propping up a broken and inequitable system that has long punished Staten Island families,” said Leticia Remauro. “Staten Island deserves better than the failed leadership that has not just allowed this to happen, but encouraged it,” she added. “We need to break with the past and make a change.” 

New York City’s property tax system and rent laws have long favored the owners of multi-million dollar brownstones, condos and co-ops and wealthy tenants with rent-regulated leases who also own country and beach homes. 

Homes in Brownstone Brooklyn – Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights, and Fort Greene, to name just a few neighborhoods – sell for millions (https://www.zillow.com/ny/brooklyn-brownstone_att ) but are taxed far less than homes in Staten Island. Manhattan condos and co-ops, also very expensive , are also taxed less than Staten Island homes. 

New York’s rent laws also punish Staten Island homeowners, with wealthy tenants living – often for decades – in rent-stabilized  apartments while also owning homes in the Hudson Valley and Long Island’s East End. A search of publicly available information easily turns up tenants living in rent-regulated apartments in every neighborhood in Manhattan while also owning homes in Rhinebeck, East Hampton, Amagansett, Sag Harbor, Woodstock, Callicoon and Hudson. These tenants are paying artificially low rents, without any need-based qualifications, that enable their paying property taxes on homes owned outside NYC.

Said Remauro: “New York City spends billions beyond its means, year-in-year-out, forcing property taxes, one of the few taxes City Hall controls, to increase. It’s all connected. de Blasio wastes billions on pet projects, bloated agencies he packs with cronies and reckless policies with enormous costs – and that money has to come from someplace. NYC’s broken and inequitable property tax system, which de Blasio and his City Council have refused to fix, taxes wealthy Brownstone owners less than single family homeowners in Staten Island, all while city & state laws subsidize wealthy tenants owning homes outside the city.”

“Staten Island’s current leadership – from Borough Hall to the City Council, and all their enablers – have done nothing to force changes to the ‘business as usual’ persecution of Staten Island,” Remauro added. 

“NYC is flush with money to spend on various relief efforts, but once again City Hall ignores the financial burden on homeowners during the pandemic. Through new assessments, property taxes were increased during the pandemic but no relief was offered for middle class property owners. Even now, with new federal money pouring in, de Blasio gave no thought to homeowners and building owners struggling during the pandemic just to keep their homes and pay their taxes.”

“Borough Presidents are supposed to lead. I will. Through legislation, lawsuits and organizing, I will be an unafraid voice for the big changes needed to make things fair for Staten Island. Action, not just words,” Remauro concluded, “is what Staten Island needs and deserves.”