Leticia Remauro Calls on Cuomo to Provide Not for Profit Nursing Homes with Grants to Keep Them Solvent

Press Release

For Immediate Release

April 9, 2021

Contact: Joseph Kovac (347) 350-2462 [email protected] 

Staten Island, NY: Leticia Remauro, candidate for Staten Island Borough President is calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo to provide financial support to not for profit nursing homes in financial constraints caused by his COVID mandate which resulted in the death of thousands. Remauro says people are now fearful of utilizing nursing homes which is creating a financial hardship that may cause many to close.

Said Remauro, “Nursing homes provide a vital service to our community. Governor Cuomo’s mishandling of COVID positive nursing home residents caused the death of tens of thousands of elderly and may now cause the permanent closure of many not for profit nursing homes unless they receive financial assistance. On Staten Island, our aging population depends on the services provided by nursing homes for short term rehabilitation and long term care. Unfortunately, people are now fearful of utilizing nursing home services because they worry that another state mandate may result in tragedy. I am calling on Governor Cuomo to dedicate a portion of the American Rescue Fund grant to provide not for profit nursing homes with financial support to cover deficits created by his irresponsible mandate.

This is a deeply personal issue for me, as it’s been for so many families. My son was in a nursing home to assist with his special needs. Families in every neighborhood in Staten Island, and statewide, are impacted. In his rush to look like a hero to boost his book sales, Andrew Cuomo put himself first without considering the long term consequences of his actions. He must right the damage he did to our nursing homes so our elderly and special needs community can receive the care they need in the future.”