Statement by Leticia Remauro, Republican/Conservative candidate for Staten Island Borough President on the proposed New York State tax increase.

For Immediate Release

March 15, 2021

Contact: Jen Remauro | [email protected]gmail.com | (718) 612-5654

“Once again the New York State Legislature is demonstrating their insanity as they prepare to punish New Yorkers for being successful or pursuing their dream of opening their own business. Their proposed tax hike on millionaires and business owners demonstrates that they are oblivious to the destruction Governor Cuomo’s mismanagement, pay to play corruption and general disdain for New Yorkers has had on our state. People and businesses have been fleeing New York even before the pandemic. This tax hike will only help to fuel a future exodus.  

“You don’t need to have a business degree to understand that people with money can live anywhere – and in a post pandemic world they can work from anywhere as well. Businesses that can’t operate according to their business model have no incentive to remain in New York. Raising taxes on high earners and businesses coupled with bail reform that sent crime skyrocketing, is tantamount to telling people striving for independence and success that ‘New York doesn’t want you here’. 

“As people leave New York, the tax burden inevitably falls on the shoulders of the middle class and working poor through higher prices for everyday goods and services. Those costs will disproportionately impact Staten Island which is home to a high percentage of New York City workers who must live within the city to keep their jobs and who also pay a higher percentage in property taxes than other borough. If the legislature moves forward with this ridiculous tax hike even after we received a federal bailout, they will ensure that our state never recovers.”