Remauro Calls for a Special Investigation into de Blasio’s Failed “Thrive NYC” and “Renewal” Programs and a Federal Monitor to Oversee the Disbursement of Federal Stimulus Dollars

For Immediate Release

March 3, 2021

Contact: Jen Remauro | [email protected]gmail.com

Staten Island, NY: Leticia Remauro, Republican-Conservative candidate for Staten Island Borough President, wants the Biden Administration to investigate two failed de Blasio initiatives that cost New York City taxpayers $1.63 billion dollars with no measurable results. She is also requesting that the President appoint a federal monitor to ensure that “American Rescue Plan” funds get to the people and businesses who remained in New York City, as the reckless mismanagement of Thrive NYC and Renewal clearly demonstrate that City Hall is unable and unwilling to behave responsibly or ethically.

Said Remauro, “New York City is about to receive billions of dollars in federal aid, mostly because Mayor de Blasio has proven incapable of managing a budget and properly executing programs. Before adding good money to bad, the federal government has a fiduciary obligation to investigate why nearly two billion dollars in New York City taxpayer money used to fund two Mayoral initiatives has yielded no results and to appoint a federal monitor to ensure that ‘American Rescue Plan’ money gets to the people and small businesses who remained in New York City while everyone else fled.”

“Mayor de Blasio’s out of control spending on programs that have done little to help our ailing school system, or the tens of thousands of mentally ill and homeless who flood our streets, is well known by all New Yorkers. To allow him to manage the distribution of billions of dollars of rescue money without a monitor would be reckless and insane,” Remauro concluded.