Public Safety

The Problem

City officials have been handcuffing our police department and cutting its funding. Couple that with the reckless removal of cash bail and you create a situation where criminals are emboldened and police officers are vilified and demoralized. The result – spiking crime stats, increased gun violence, communities in danger and neighborhoods unsafe. Politics has hijacked police work.

The Solution

Public safety is vital to the success of our communities. Policing is the bedrock upon which all other accomplishments rest. When people don’t feel safe, they leave and neighborhoods crumble. Therefore, we must ensure that the budget for our police department is robust and that police officers are able to do their job keeping us safe. We must also expand the list of crimes that are eligible for cash bail to reduce recidivism. A well funded, well trained and well equipped police department which enjoys the support of elected officials provides all of us with peace of mind. Public safety is the key to attracting businesses, creating good paying jobs and keeping neighborhoods dynamic. Police and police unions are important voices in making policy; they should be partners in these discussions, not opponents.