Overdevelopment / Environment

The Problem

Staten Island is a mashup of zoning which has undermined property values, traffic, school seats and our quality of life. It is not unusual to find a single family residential building adjacent to a commercial building adjacent to a manufacturing facility. Couple this with ever increasing property taxes and the result is an unstable property market which causes property values to rise and out of character development.

The Solution

Staten Island needs an comprehensive, island-wide zoning analysis with the goal of preserving neighborhoods and providing the foundation for property values to increase, identify parcels along the transportation corridor on the east, north and west shoreline where multi-story residential to house our senior and young population can occur and where manufacturing entities (job creators) can locate near to bridges for ease of product transportation. Comprehensive rezoning can allow Staten Island to retain its bucolic charm while also creating economic corridors that take advantage of America’s new focus on manufacturing at home. Comprehensive rezoning will also reduce traffic congestion, stabilize property values and help stem the rise of property taxes.

Other solutions:
Mandate environmentally friendly building components for any development needing a variance or BSA approval. This will reduce the negative environmental impact of construction on the site