Letter to Comptroller Stringer Regarding Hylan Blvd Homeless Shelters


Leticia Remauro

245G Bricktown Way

Staten Island, NY 10309


May 21, 2021


Mr. Scott Stringer

New York City Office of the Comptroller

Bureau of Contract Administration

1 Centre Street, Room 727

New York, NY  10007


Dear Mr. Stringer:


On May 18, 2021, Community Board 2 on Staten Island held a public hearing regarding the opening of a shelter by the New York City Department of Homeless Services (hereinafter referred to as “DHS”) at 1055 Hylan Blvd., Staten Island, NY  10305.  According to DHS, the shelter is scheduled to open in late Fall for 50 women who are over age 50 with mental health challenges.


At that hearing, DHS disclosed that only one bidder was considered for the project.  Additionally, DHS disclosed that no other location was considered for the project and that the owner of the property is also the developer of the property.   DHS further disclosed that the exorbitant cost to taxpayers to run this shelter will be $160 per person per night for a total of $8,000 per day and over $26,000,000.00 for the life of the contract.


Although FOIL requests have been made to DHS to disclose any documents associated with the procurement process in the selection of this site, the City has refused to provide any documentation.  


As you recall, your office released a letter dated August 25, 2020, detailing how the de Blasio Administration has paid out $1,526,391,921 in taxpayer money without the required documentation circumventing your Charter-mandated role to provide oversight over contract procurement, vendor integrity, agency accountability and registration generally.  (A copy of your letter dated August 25, 2020, is attached as Exhibit “A”). Now, the de Blasio Administration continues to flout the rules of procurement under the NYC City Charter and the NYC Procurement Policy Board Rules by considering only one bidder and one location for this shelter and by granting a huge multimillion dollar contract to a landlord who will also be the developer of the shelter.


You have the authority to refuse to register a contract where you suspect corruption exists.  See NYC Matter of Comptroller of City of N.Y. v. Mayor of City of N.Y. 7N.Y.3d 256 (NY Ct. App. 2006).  You also have the authority to audit contracts after registration under NYC Procurement Policy Board Rules Section 3-03 when unfairness, favoritism or impropriety in the proposal process exists.  Please do your job by either refusing to register the contract regarding the shelter at 1055 Hylan Blvd., Staten Island, NY or auditing the contract if it is already registered.