Leticia Remauro Writes Opinion Piece to Warn Staten Islanders about the Costs of Inconsistent Zoning Laws

In August of 2020, Leticia Remauro wrote an opinion piece for the Staten Island Advance, in which she questioned whether or not Staten Islanders would have to foot the bill to change the zoning texts of the Staten Island Mall, and advocated to keep resident’s of the borough from having the shell out more money. 

In this piece, Remauro discussed how COVID-19 will impact retail stores moving forward, and questioned whether changing the zoning texts of the Staten Island mall would cause residents of the island to have to make up for taxes lost on the property.

Remauro wrote, “Like many others, I have seen my Staten Island property tax rise 500% over the years. I know I am not alone in wanting to see the math behind the borough president’s request. Staten Islanders need to know that we will not be on the hook to make up the tax loss if the mall property is abandoned or torn down because it is not feasible to redevelop as a commercial center. Too many times we have seen bad things happen even though intentions were good. This time we need to see the homework.”

To read the full story, visit: Let’s see the math on Oddo’s mall zoning proposal (opinion)