Leticia Remauro Urges City to Reopen Front Street After Closure Hurts Local Businesses

In May of 2020, several months into the Coronavirus pandemic, the city made the decision to close down half a mile of roadway along Front Street, between Canal Street and Edgewater Street to open up the roadway to pedestrians and cyclists.

Leticia Remauro, the Secretary of the Downtown Alliance, criticized the city’s decision to institute this closure and advocated for the small businesses that were already suffering due to the virus who were impacted negatively by the closure due to the lack of traffic by their storefronts.

Remauro argued that instead of shutting down a section of Front Street, the city should consider closing down a section of street in front of the NYCHA apartment complexes on the North Shore, as there are less businesses there to be impacted by the shutdown and that the Front Street area already had ample room for pedestrians and cyclists due to the space located behind the Urby apartment buildings. 

Said Remauro, “In all truth, they picked the worst possible place because it doesn’t meet any of their criteria,” Remauro said. “It’s not like there are lots of residents that don’t have a place to have open space. Urby has it. It has an esplanade as its backyard.”

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