Leticia Remauro Joins Rally of Small Business Owners to Call for End to COVID Lockdown

Back in May of 2020, New York City, and therefore Staten Island, were in the midst of a lockdown orchestrated by Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio. The goal of this lockdown was to suppress the spread of the COVID-19 virus enough that we could safely resume our normal lives as quickly as possible. 

Unfortunately, as a result of the lockdown, many small businesses were forced to shutter their doors and stop making income. With little to no aid coming to small business owners, many were forced to close down their businesses for good.

In response to this, a rally of approximately 200 people, many of whom were small business owners, was held in order to urge Cuomo and de Blasio to end the lockdown and allow small businesses to reopen. 

Leticia Remauro, a small business owner herself, waspresentat the rally. Said Remauro, ““It’s not about money… It’s about freedom, independence, the First Amendment. Caring about your neighbor means making sure they eat. People aren’t eating. Business owners provide a service, they create jobs.”

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