Leticia Remauro Criticizes New Restrictions Placed on Bars During COVID as “Too Complicated”

When bars and restaurants were finally permitted to reopen after being forced to shut their doors during the COVID lockdown, many rules and restrictions were placed upon them in order to slow prevent the spread of the virus.

However, many of the rules that they were forced to abide by seemed arbitrary, and it was unclear what impact they would have on keeping the virus from spreading. One such arbitrary rule was that food must be purchased with all alcoholic drinks, meaning that many bars had to begin serving small portions of foods for their patrons to pick on while enjoying their drinks.

Leticia Remauro, a small business advocate and former bar owner herself, criticized these new restrictions for their needlessly complicated nature. Said Remauro,  “With all respect given to the governor and the SLA, their directives are becoming too complicated, which is causing fear and confusion among bar and restaurant owners… This ‘food must be provided but not eaten or paid for’ under condition ‘A’ but not under condition ‘B’ does little to keep people safe. … Worse yet, it opens the door for more inspections by different agencies and possible fines, which this industry can’t afford. It’s time for the governor to release his grip and trust the industry to do the right thing.”

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