Leticia Remauro, Conservative Party Candidate for Si BP Says de Blasio Trying to Use Small Business Owners as Pit Bulls for Vaccine

August 3, 2021

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Staten Island, NY – Conservative Party candidate for Staten Island Borough President Leticia Remauro is taking Mayor de Blasio to task for his recently issued vaccine mandate. She calls the mandate “an overreach of government” and an undue burden on small business owners.

“Once again Mayor de Blasio is demonstrating that he has absolutely no use for the American constitution or individual freedom. He also has no idea how business works. Business owners should never be put into a position where they must violate a person’s right to privacy during the course of a sales transaction. This new mandate will put business owners in the untenable position of having to question patrons regarding their personal health before they are admitted onto the premises. The mandate will set people up for conflict and ridicule which is exactly the opposite of what this city needs right now. I urge every business owner to refuse to participate in this folly.”

Remauro challenges the fact that the Mayor has the right under the City Charter to issue such a mandate and to levy penalties or fines against businesses which don’t comply. She has turned it over to her lawyers to pursue legal actions against the city.

Said Remauro, “The decision to take the vaccine is one that should be made between a person and his/her physician. The government should not be using its powers to squeeze small business owners into becoming its pit bulls. These types of tactics have no place in America.”

Remauro has been an advocate for small businesses against “arbitrary” COVID mandates. She is suing New York State to restore parental choice for COVID testing in schools and recently filed a lawsuit against New York City for it’s placement of homeless shelters in residential Staten Island neighborhoods adjacent to grammar schools.

Remauro is the only woman ever to stand for election for the office of Staten Island Borough President in a general election.