Leticia Remauro Calls For Special Prosecutor to Investigate Cuomo

New accusations of sexual harassment require a truly independent investigation of Cuomo’s time as  Governor and as Attorney General
Leticia Remauro, candidate for Staten Island Borough President, today called for a Special Prosecutor to investigate accusations of sexual harassment against Governor Cuomo. This past week, two women came forward with detailed accusations of sexual harassment and hostile workplace conditions specifically about the Governor. 
“When the accused is a sitting Governor and former Attorney General, it’s preposterous to suggest that any public official could conduct a thorough investigation free of political interference,” said Remauro. “A Special Prosecutor, appointed by the Albany or New York District Attorney, with full independence and authority, is necessary to get to the truth.”
Albany is the location of the Capitol, and New York County the location of the Governor’s secondary office. 
Remauro is running in the Republican primary for Staten Island Borough President and was just endorsed by the Staten Island Conservative Party for the office. 
“A Special Prosecutor investigating these accusations of sexual harassment against the Governor must also be empowered to examine Cuomo’s tenure as Attorney General,” added Remauro.
“Investigating these deeply troubling allegations must be done in a way that protects any other possible victims if they come forward,” Remauro concluded. “Leaving this crisis to politics-as-usual would itself be an affront to all New Yorkers.”