Leticia Remauro Blasts Mayor de Blasio Over Rising School Violence, Vows To Assemble School Safety Task Force if Elected Staten Island Borough President

Press Release
For Immediate Release
October 4, 2021
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Leticia Remauro, Conservative candidate for Staten Island Borough President blasted Mayor de Blasio over rising violence in New York City public schools after five children (ages 14-17) were stabbed in separate incidents over the course of a week at various New York City High Schools. In a separate, horrifying incident, a 17 year old was arrested for sexually assaulting a student at IS 131. 
“NYC public schools account for almost 60% of violent incidents in all of New York State,” said Leticia Remauro. “Last week a child was stabbed in the head while talking to a classmate. Instead of addressing this problem, Mayor de Blasio focused his attention on firing teachers, paras and school safety officers. We can’t expect our students to learn and do well in school if they fear for their lives, and, as horrific and dramatic as that may sound, some students are literally either going to school fearing for their safety, or avoiding school because they are afraid of being hurt.” 
“If we’ve learned one thing from the disastrous de Blasio administration, it is that parents can no longer trust the Mayor to make sure our schools children are safe,” said Remauro. “No matter who is sworn in as Mayor on January 1, 2022, on my first day as Borough President I will assemble a school safety task force to ensure that all of our Staten Island schools are taking the appropriate measures to keep our children safe. I will work with parents, teachers, students, and school safety experts to ensure that students are focused on learning math, science and American history instead of worrying that they may be assaulted in school.”