Leticia Remauro Advocates on Behalf of Special Needs Children to Resume In-Person Learning

In August of 2020, Leticia Remauro participated in a demonstration outside of the office of the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) office in Eltingville, with the goal of having in-person education for students, and specifically special needs students, resume when the school year began in September.

Due to the Coronavirus, in-person learning had been suspended in March of 2020, and students were learning solely online for the remainder of the school year. This was a difficult transition for students and their families, but especially for special needs students who rely on their routines and established educational practices in order to continue advancing and avoid regression. 

“The rally – organized by parents Montalvan and Melissa Palermo – brought together more than two dozen parents and students, some carrying signs, as well as Leticia Remauro, who is running for borough president. It was held just days after the DOE submitted its reopening plan to the state.”

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