Leticia Remauro Advocates on Behalf of Restaurants Who Had Their Liquor Licenses Revoked During COVID

Of all of the industries that have been negatively impacted by COVID, perhaps none have had a more difficult time than the restaurant industry. Deemed to be non-essential at the time of the initial COVID lockdown, many restaurants were forced to permanently shut their doors, while others have struggled to survive after re-opening due to mandates restricting occupancy and customers per table.

Additionally, Governor Andrew Cuomo set out to crackdown on restaurants that violated any of the restrictions that he had put into place. One such restaurant that became a victim of this crackdown would be Staten Island’s own Marina Cafe, a restaurant with an outdoor Tiki Bar, that had its liquor license revoked for allegedly violating COVID restrictions.

Co-owner Robert Parascandola claimed that the restaurant’s liquor license was revoked without warning, despite his claim that Governor Cuomo had stated that restaurants would receive three warning before losing their liquor licenses. 

Leticia Remauro voiced her disapproval of the governor’s crackdown and the tactics that he utilized in order to enforce it. 

“Cuomo has literally said to him [Parascandola] you can’t do business anymore,” said Leticia Remauro, secretary of the Staten Island Downtown Alliance. “In a competitive industry, like restaurants, to take your liquor license is basically saying, you’re out of business. …To do it without giving him an opportunity to answer is gestapo tactics.”

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