Leticia Remauro Advocates on Behalf of Restaurants During Cuomo’s COVID Crackdown

The bar and restaurant industry was quite possibly the industry that was most negatively impacted by COVID. During the lockdown, many of these businesses were forced to permanently close down, as they were unable to sustain themselves through the shutdown and through the mandates and restrictions that followed.

Over the Summer of 2020, after restaurants and bars had finally been permitted to reopen, Governor Andrew Cuomo assembled a task force with the goal of enforcing strict restrictions on restaurants and to ensure that all guidelines were being complied with. These restrictions made it difficult for restaurant owners to support themselves even after being allowed to reopen, but they were forced to comply out of fear of having their liquor licenses revoked or being shut down. 

Leticia, Remauro however, used her voice and platform to advocate on behalf of these business owners. Said Remauro, “Our bar and restaurant industry is among the most negatively impacted of all New York industries. Many have closed and will never return. Others are hanging on by a thread… “Instead of taking punitive action against this industry, the governor should be developing incentives to help restaurant and bar owners adhere to COVID regulations. This industry is mostly made up of mom-and-pop businesses that have spent boat loads of money to retrofit their facilities to safely serve their customers.”

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