Leticia Remauro Advocates for City to Give Grants to Restaurants During Coronavirus

In August of 2020, over 5 months into the Coronavirus pandemic, many businesses, namely restaurants, were still struggling to recover from the financial hit they took when the pandemic first began. 

Leticia Remauro, a businesswoman, community advocate, and former restaurant owner herself, advocated for the city to provide grants and relief to these struggling restaurants in order to keep them from going under and closing permanently. 

“Between the false start in Phase 4, which had restaurants ordering food and staffing up in preparation, to the Governor’s inspectors inconsistently yanking licenses without warning, the inability for the state and city to get its act together with respect to restaurants opening, has cost small business owners millions of dollars and put some out of business permanently,” she said.

“Local governments around the nation have worked with their restaurant owners to get the industry back on their feet because they know now how important they are to the economy and to everyday life. Yet in New York, restaurant owners are told to spend more to make less or else face steep fines,” said Remauro.

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