The Problem

New York City’s public education system is no longer serving the needs of students. Rather than focusing on skills that will prepare students to become accomplished adults, the NYC DOE is concentrating efforts on social programs which are subjective and fail to provide basic life coping skills

The Solution

Create more Vocational High Schools that teach practical and trade skills that can be used for government and private sector jobs such as: road repair, carpentry, auto mechanic, plumbing, electrical, commercial driving (bus), administration, child development, senior services, energy etc. These studies can be enhanced by partnering with private and municipal unions which can provide apprenticeships which will lead to job placements.

Other solutions include:
Focus on basic skills such as:

Reading, math, cursive writing, spelling, household economics, proper keyboard use and digital application training; Ensure special needs students receive proper skill services, college prep courses, daily living skills, communication, socialization and job training skills;
More support for specialized, charter, parochial schools and yeshivas;