Conservative Candidates Pursue Lawsuit Against de Blasio Vaccine Passport Rule

Staten Island, NY: Several Conservative Party candidates, business owners and consumers gathered today on the steps of Staten Island Borough Hall to announce they are pursuing a legal challenge to Mayor de Blasio’s Vaccine Passport rule.

Bill Pepitone, Conservative candidate for Mayor said, “Mayor de Blasio’s decision to require proof of vaccination from anyone entering a restaurant, gym or other indoor venue is the exact type of government overreach we have come to expect from this administration and epitomizes what motivated me to run for Mayor and restore common sense to New York City. Socialism has no place in these five boroughs and we will not stand for this infringement on our liberties.”

Tony Herbert, Conservative candidate for Public Advocate said, “Once again this Mayour is handing down arbitrary and capricious mandates that pit New Yorkers against each other and negatively impact businesses. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, yet this Mayor seems hell bent on putting them in the untenable position of having to turn their customers away or face fines. His mandate will disproportionately affect people of color and those whose religious beliefs prevent them from taking the vaccine. He is setting a dangerous precedent that will have unintended consequences.”

Said Leticia Remauro, Conservative candidate for Staten Island Borough President, “Business owners should never be put into a position where they must violate a person’s right to privacy during the course of a sales transaction. This new mandate will force business owners to question patrons regarding their personal health before they are admitted onto the premises. The mandate will set people up for conflict and ridicule which is exactly the opposite of what this city needs right now. Instead of governing by commonsense, this Mayor is governing by hysteria. I urge every business owner to join our lawsuit.”

Said David Curcio, David Mario Curcio, Chairman, Conservative Party of Richmond County, “New York City was the birthplace of the Bill of Rights in America and to witness a total disregard for our basic civil liberties is extremely disappointing. New Yorkers should be making an informed decision about vaccines in consultation with their doctors and not by being bullied or coerced by government officials and bureaucrats. This is an unprecedented overreach that will only serve to further incentivize New Yorkers and businesses to leave the city.”

Said Rosemarie Saladino, owner of The Marina Cafe on Staten Island, “We have no set rules on how to handle the situation and monitor real vaccinations. The Mayor is saying he wants people to lose their jobs if they aren’t vaccinated, this at a time when we are hard pressed to find workers. I’m also hearing that there will be random checks by the Health Department and fines if we aren’t doing things correctly. How can we do things right if we don’t know what is expected of us. We can’t survive under this rule. Once again he is putting our businesses in jeopardy. People are already canceling events.”

Said Intoxx Fitness Clubs owners, Carlo Lasorsa, Rosario DiBernardo, Michael Giliotti and Bruce Daniele, “Intoxx Fitness is waiting for the full details of the new mandate – specifically, the application and enforcement of the Vaccine Passport rules. We’re concerned that enforcing these new rules will potentially violate existing laws on medical privacy and rights. (HIPPA)”

Those wishing to be part of the lawsuit should contact Leticia Remauro at [email protected]


Contact: Jen Remauro 718 612-5654