Borough President Candidate Leticia Remauro blasts Mayor de Blasio For Losing 70,000 Public School Students

Leticia Remauro, candidate for Staten Island Borough President, blasted Mayor de Blasio for standing idly by while overseeing a historic loss in New York City Public School enrollment. According to internal documents reviewed by the New York Post, enrollment in Public Schools is now below 890,000 while it was over 1 million just ten years ago. The New York Post reported that many parents removed their children from a public school system they described as chaotic. The Post reported that parents described the system as “disorganized” and that their kids were “falling behind.”

“We lost another 70,000 students in the public school system while the Mayor and the Department of Education just shrugged,” said Remauro. “While the worst Mayor ever is no stranger to doing nothing during a crisis, we need to make public schools
students and their families a priority,” added Remauro. “On Staten Island we are hearing every day from parents frustrated by the lack of consistency and little organization and planning, Mayor de Blasio has been unresponsive to the needs of families struggling to deal with constant school closings and unexpected cancellations of classes,” said Remauro.

“There are reports of students being given assignments without details or even due dates and as usual we are dealing with a lack of transparency,” said Remauro. “Every child in New York City has the right to a quality education, we cannot let our educational and financial resources be squandered by a Mayor far more worried about less important matters,” added Remauro.

“Families are also fleeing City Hall’s war on gifted and talented students,” Remauro pointed out. “With fewer and fewer spots for accomplished students, their families are fleeing to New Jersey and Long Island, all while de Blasio and his ideological warriors dismantle community schools.”

“While City Hall and the Department of Education insist that schools will be open full time in September, parents and public officials must hold the government accountable for that happening with metrics, timeliness, and schedules. Finding out in late August that it’s not possible to bring kids back to classrooms would be devastating. Now is not the time to let up on the pressure,” Remauro added.

Leticia Remauro went on to say that “as your Borough President, I will fight every day to make sure that our children are receiving a quality education every day and that students and their families not only receive more reliable updates, but that families are more involved in decision making processes and that our students and families needs are a real priority.”